All equipment of the CFNGS is provided by the Bopp Lab. It includes:

> Quantification of RNA, DNA and protein
> Quitt 2.0 and Qubos Flex

> Determination of the RIN value (RNA integrity number), shape and average size of libraries

Further, we offer following devices for capturing single cells:

> targeted and whole transcriptome amplification (WTA)
> up to 12 samples tagged by sample tags on one cartridge
> up to 1-3 x 10^4 cells

> 3' prime and full-length
> whole transcriptome amplification (WTA)
> selection of single cells to proceed with
> up to 8 samples per chip
> up to 1800 cells overall

In addition, the FZI provides its users the following software licence for evaluation

> Partek Flow Enterprise Edition
> RNA-Seq and Single Cell Toolkit for Partek Flow
> if you would like to use PARTEK please complete this file and send it via e-mail to
> further information please have a look at: